Exposition Rêverie


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Exhibition dates : 2022.4.17 – 2022.4.23

Space No. : 101B Est

Content of the exhibition : Photos and paintings


Profil : Georgia Borcic, painter and poet / Alicedefi, photographer.

Georgia Borcic(画家·詩人)/Alicedefi(写真家)。

Concept of the Exhibition :

Both of us are influenced by daily life, noises, sounds of the wind, feelings of heat and touch, the scent of rain, reflections on water – from the smallest drop to the ocean, from the most pleasing to the most irritating ; it is all part of life. Everything is changing, moving and affecting our feelings and our way of thinking. 

Georgia, as a painter and a poet, tries to capture the world she lives in which is one of the reasons why she uses the traditional Japanese powder paints (ganryo) and acrylic paints together. One helps her express the inner structure, and the other, sensation of space and light. For her, the essence of painting is letting the energy flow, expressing her feelings and thoughts through color and movement.

Alice, as a photographer, tries to convert the world in black and white. These two colors that mix and offer gradations of gray, is a search for simplification to lead the eye to something deeper. In black and white, she can erase the temporal marks, break what is fixed in order to lose oneself completely and give the possibility to express inner feelings.  She’s looking for a way to reveal her authenticity and originality.



アリスは写真家として、世界をモノクロに変換しようとします。混ざり合い、グレーのグラデーションを見せるこの2つの色は、より深いものへと視線を導くための単純化の探求でもあるのです。白と黒の中で、彼女は時間的な痕跡を消し去り、自分自身を完全に失うために固定されたものを壊し、内なる感情を表現する可能性を与えることができるのです。  彼女は、自分の真正性とオリジナリティを明らかにする方法を探しているのです。

Two videos presenting our work will be available on Saturday 23 April at 8pm sharp!!

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